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Permagard Full Vehicle Protection

Permagard Full Vehicle Protection
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Permagard Full Vehicle Protection

Whether it be to protect a new vehicle or to rejuvenate your current vehicle, we offer Permagard Automotive premium products to provide you with the best in Exterior Paint protection, Interior all-surface protection and window tinting. 

Interior Protection

Leather & Vinyl Protection 
  • Enhances interior vinyl surfaces including dashboards, consoles, door panels and other trims.
  • Coats the surface and provides a durable new like a barrier.
  • Will limit scuff marks, stains and the treated surface is much easier to clean.
  • Protection against harmful UV rays
Fabric & Carpet Protection
  • Co-polymer technology adheres to every fibre of carpet and fabric, continually repelling liquid and water-based spills.
  • Provides a flexible barrier, preventing stains from food, drink and soiling from everyday use for the whole interior.
  • Designed to reduce wear on leather, fabrics & carpets as a result of friction, weight pressures and trapped dirt particles.
  • Protects interior leather allowing it to breathe and remain supple.
  • Protection against harmful UV rays.

Exterior Protection

  • Permagard coating forms a unique plasticised barrier which becomes part of the paint of your vehicle, unlike wax or polish.
  • Chemically bonds to the painted surface completely insulating and protecting the paint from the environmental extremities.
  • Prevents the paint from Oxidising and premature discolouration.
  • Reduces maintenance - repels dirt, Grime and is easier to wash no need for wax or polishing.

Window Tinting

Permagard Automotive offers two pioneering window tint products tailored to meet your needs. Utilising the very latest in UV and heat deflective technology, Permagard Automotive Tint provides a superior tint solution.

  • Protect yourself and your passengers.
  • Significantly reduces the exposure to solar energy and UV radiation.
  • Shield you and your family with PF 450+ and PF 500+ protection.
  • Safer driving with the reduction of glare by up to 55%.
  • National lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

All protection comes with a lifetime warranty.

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